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a memory. for towns like henry felt, indiana, this is the new reality. homes wiped out and lives lost. >> the randomness of a tornado is amazing. one home destroyed, one is not, one person dies, one does not. >> stairs leading to nowhere is a sign of the ferocious fault -- the ferocious feet. from texas to indiana, kentucky and georgia. 17th million people were in the deadly path. >> you could hear people praying, god, let us get through this. >> in the hours after the terror came stories of survival. >> we were in the core of the building when a tornado had hit. no one was injured. >> something to be thankful for despite the devastation. entire neighborhoods are flat and the spirits are strong. >> we have a lot of good friends, we still have our family. what more could we ask for? some >> people that live here are resilience, god-fearing in the tough. we are knocked down but we're not knocked out. its costs >> equipment is already in place to clear away with the storms knocked down. another town's small and population, but big its determination to come back from this disaster. >>
: those powerful storms that hit the area, yesterday. this is video out of southern indiana. some towns have been obliterated. 31 people have been killed in three states. dozens of tornadoes. the great lakes to the death toll is likely to rise as today progresses. crushing entire blocks of homes and kentucky, ohio. even causing cars are rd on roadways. >>isabel: in san francisco driving could be more expensive the first public meeting on proposed changes with the $20 million public deficit the city transportation agencies want to add more parking meters. and increasing public transportation fees they could see an increase on the $3. there would be no more free parking on sundays. and off feeding that the meter would bixby extended until 9:00 a.m. -- and for those hoping to try to use muni? no breaks there. how about going to the sierras? it is going to be a beautiful with perfect conditions for skiers and the snow boarders. this is from a kirkwood. at least 6 ft. of fresh powder in the some of the parts of the sierras. this is part of the blast from the sierras. from the pacific northwe
to indiana and points each. grant lodes is monitoring this developing story in our newsroom. >>grant: another round of killer tornadoes just tearing through several states. this is the destruction. at least 14 people have now died. emergency officials are almost certain that the death toll will continue to rise. but this is in addition to 13 people who died on wednesday. people are confirmed dead in ohio, kentucky and indiana. so far, too small towns in southern indiana look like they took the worst of it. tornadoes rolling to the indiana towns of henry built in marysville. they are just north of the kentucky border. each has a population of about 2000 residents. with the twisters touching down, the mayor of marysville said that it is gone. a storm chasers and local news crews have been capturing some of the footage. you can see the twister in the background, it is very defined, very large. huge! it is charging through the country around 70 mi. per hour, the winds were well over 150 mi. per hour. from the great lakes to the gulf of mexico, people are hoping and praying that the worst is over.
and midwest. this is two days after violent storms and tornadoes. here is new video out of indiana, kentucky and ohio. 30 people have been killed in five states including alabama and georgia. emergency officials are continuing to look for survivors. >> the scene is striking in westwood, ky. roads have been impossible but finally they're able to get some larger equipment in here. first responders have been here for a while. the storm came in friday afternoon. there is the town hall. that building was built in the '60s, it is really torn up. a reinforced cinderblock concrete. kentucky is the hardest hit. 17 of the 37 fatalities are in this state. >>marty: in the east bay, classes will resume at it nausea valley high school in concord. it is the first year schools and tasted and try to take his own life. yesterday, a crisis team was on hand to discuss friday's incident. a ninth grader try to harm himself during class. officials say their deep concern about the welfare of their students. campus were the four students that intervened immediately and prevented a tragedy from happening on our campu
to go. >>darya: in indiana, at least 42 tornadoes struck 10 states on friday. 13 people were killed from tornadoes and indiana. a massive brushfire said smoke and flames into the air over buckeye arizona. more than 300 a. over scorched. >>mark: same man at center howff a u2 video of asking for professional help if as he is losing -- he is seven accounts and trying to lose hundreds of pounds. >> it is a well time to cry for help. his mortality risk is through roof. >> the first thing i want to do is look in the night and see how serious he is and whether he is willing to do what it takes. >>mark: he will be meeting with dr. phil today. >>darya: we're back with more in a couple of minutes. did not go away. here is a live look in san jose. it is a little bit windy in san jose, 42 with high of 64. >>darya: here is a look at top stories we're covering. police are trying to figure out the motive behind a shooting that happened in sunnyvale. there were two bodies found inside of that home. from the and santorum are each claiming a victory after the big super tuesday vote yesterday. today, a
. an indiana toddler named angel backcock who was found in a field after the tornado destroyed their family mobile home died yesterday. she was taken off life support. the 15-month-old's death brings the overall toll now from friday's storms to 39. that's across five states. >>> kentucky has suffered the most fatalities with 21 people dying there. indiana has lost 13 people. there were three deaths in ohio and one each in alabama and georgia. rescuers are still going door to door in rural areas just to make sure there are no other victims buried under the rubble. in hard hit henryville, indiana, cell phone signals have been hard to find. the internet has been out and electricity is out. >>> much different area in the bay area. >>> there are foggy continues. we're clear inland but coastal clouds and fog to deal with. stps are in the -- temperatures are in the 40s. here's where you see visibility under a quarter of a mile, those areas in red. so a little foggy in spots. we'll have a extended forecast coming up in a minute and talk about the rain expected to come to the bay area overnight toni
and the small town is not alone. this is indiana. another town rocked by storms. dozens of tornadoes tore across the country's midsection friday. leveling homes, buildings, anything in their path. >> you see these things in the news with the media with you guys. unbelievable. >> reporter: at times there were more than 20 active tornado warnings across multiple states. >> nuts. people's lines are in danger with the storms and tornado coming down. >>> the fury annulationed early starting in alabama, ripping off rooms and snapping power lines. as the day rolled on, so did the storms. storms brought rain, mail winds. there are multiple reports of twisters touching down and damage. in tennessee, one man returned to find his home reduced to a pile of rubble. >> this is real life stuff here. >> reporter: it is now a race to clear blocked roads so emergency crews can get through. in illinois, beating down from the twister days ago, residents can only hope they will be spared a second blow. >>> the good news is severe weather is expected to be over by saturday morning. that is when the clean up and rec
this is from indiana. we often see the before. >> everything looks fine in henry vale however, as this school buses returned to get the children you can understand that something dangerous is not far away in henryville the cafe is still in one piece. however, just after 4 minutes these tornados began. >> the mammoth that token amount in a short amount of time is mind boggling. for >>reporter: and the south section the camera stays on as the tornado rips off the roof in pieces. it happens in just 20 seconds. with 80s staff stashed students work in the corridor. staff-students. and 20 seconds later the running is in the other direction. >> it is the amount of constructio destruction is amaze worst -- no injuries. as >>reporter: they took refuge in the office you can still see the wind what they had to do to climb over to get out. you never actually see the vortexes of the tornado just of cortex, the pressure, the debris moving in different directions. the votex. the gymnasium was no match. >> the entire self-and of the gymnasium s--south portion polls the debris in and out and demonstrates the
from indiana to georgia. the victims are as young this toddler, found in a field miles from home. she died from her injyl >> interview: we have h))o0ç8çb through a lot. everything. that anyone can imagine. kentucky, the national guard is helping them comb through debris. what they unimaginable. >> interview: in all the towns i have been o÷brdmcoroner i hav never seen bodies in the conditions that they are in. >> 1Ñóg(c@reporter: despite the heartache, these towns are forging ahead. 't8h&le, indiana, it was sunday mass as usual in st. francis catholic church. next door om+l=yvithe public sc in ruins. vickie horen was among the few dsschool ren was among the few when the tornado hit. >> interview: we huddled together, #6épl9wsang, kept the calm, prayed. >> reporter: they will weather the recovery is wxaú&qÑ/same wa relying on their faith and one another. >> interview: we can look out 0çecember oh laying and see just desolation, or see a new beginning. >> reporter: the at st. francis appears to be choosing the latter. despite aid $t4tjziwfrom state federal officials local offici
, illinois, indiana, kentucky and tennessee. some survivors say it sounded like a bomb going off. more than one dozen tornadoes causing overnight damage in several midwestern states. >> the storm came in with such a frost, you could not even open the doors of the firehouse. the level it was hit especially hard. the tornado was estimated as an f for, the second most powerful of the readings field. homes were reduced to splinter rubble. this home was damaged, walls were destroyed, exposing this patient's room to the elements. residents in nebraska, kansas, missouri, indiana and kentucky have all lost their homes. >> before i knew it, i was upside down. a driver, a friend of mine was still in the back. i had to pull him out. >> tornadoes are a way of life for these states. that does not make the sudden destruction any less painful. >>grant: here is video of one of the tornadoes shot by a storm kezar. the storm is not done. officials and residents are bracing in the southeast u.s.. more tornadoes are possible. thunderstorms are definite and winds are expected to reach 80 mi. per hour. >>pam: on
the area to find belongings. a 15 month old indiana girl died after clinging to life for two days. she was laid to rest and buried with her parents and siblings. as many as 40 tornadoes ripped through 10 states on friday killing 40 people. crews in new mexico were to recover the body of a little boy. the four year-old had fallen into a well. reaching the body has been tough. police use cameras to determine if the child was there. >>jaqueline: here is a live look outside from the golden gate. we're still seeing sunshine on this side of the bridge. near the close line we're seeing fog. we have a system driven across the bay area for tomorrow. when gusts up to 50 mi. an hour. more on that in a moment. conditions are quite cool close to the coastline. current wind speeds are 29 mi. per hour at sfo. the wind advisories in effect for the entire bay area. winds are 20-30 mi. an hour for tomorrow with gusts up to 40-50 m.p.h.. more on the wind and rain coming up in just a bit. >>pam: unbelievable images of a helicopter crash in arizona and the the police officer hailed as a hero after an ice r
to the basket. >>> kentucky, indiana. the ncaa top-draw tonight . kentucky they've got more than likely four first round draft choices. darius miller. 102-90. they'll face baylor on sunday. >>> other winners , baylor, north carolina, and kansas. >>> andrew bogut hoping to shake an injury. >> it's always great to play in the olympic games. the greatest for your country, and i've been fortunate enough to go to two. i'd like to go to three, but if i'm not 110% healthy, i'm not going to go to the olympic games. >> you know what you do for as much time as you're going to spend, haven't prorated your contract, and let the government pay for your time. [ laughter ] >> that's a good one! it might not fly down there, but we'll give it a go! >> i appreciate you getting to see that. that's investigative reporting. you know what i mean? when you get involved with the australian government, it takes me from a little toy department guy to a head of state dealing with heads of state. >> that doesn't happen every day. >> couple times a week. >>> golf is going to be pretty hot this weekend. tiler woods a c
of tariffs at least 42 tornadoes struck 10 states killing 40 people includes 13 in indiana. a massive brushfire is sending smoke and flames in arizona. >>mark: so far there is a zero containment on the blaze. >>mark: we will be right back as the kron4 news continues. at >>mark: the opening bell on wall street, looking for a bit of a rebound. the dallas of over to the point. >>darya: police are trying to figure out the motive of the shooting that happened last night in sunnyvale. there were two bodies found inside the home field ec here. >>mark: the wins have been boy and around the bay area. craig skalar has more. >>craig: the city of san francisco has closed this off. >>james: temperatures in the 40's with a few thirties. this afternoon, sunny and mild by noon with temperatures in the '60s. this evening, 8:00 p.m. and beyond will cool down as clear skies with all the warmth that we accumulate over the bay will escape. here is a look at your current wind speeds. >>george: as we are monitoring the high winds, it does not seem to be as bad today as it was yesterday. your ride on the san
this in indiana blanket parts of the country's midsection. it dozens of tornadoes here through communities living homes, schools, and anything in their path. ragtime and there were more than 24 normal run across the state. >> people's lives are endangered here with these rotating storms. >>reporter: and the fury unleashed early starting in alabama limping off roofs and power lines. clear-- >>reporter: the storm tore down trees and ripped through buildings one man went to return home and found his home of 30 years was just rubble. hamas mcmann diligently at this hour to try to make sure everyone were to is taking care of. >>reporter: residents can only hope that they will be scared a second blow. >>pam: kron4 news at 8:00 p.m. is just getting started >>reporter: police have a new high-tech tool that scans and identifies license plates. find out what happens when we were given a demonstration. >>reporter: antioch police chief keep the head with- occupy: now reveal--will run the mill get the ok to go ahead and hire new police officers >>reporter: beginning saturday, is leaving continental will beco
, jackson, in indiana. but david lee, 78 a piece at the finish. 22 point, 12 rebounds. and warriors quinn 85 -82 -- win 85-82. >>> jeremy lin does it again tonight. watch the game, you think maybe he's going to start to slow down. came through though. 19 points, 13 assists, 5 rebounds, only one turnover against cleveland, and he got beat up here. bloodied and battered. he went to the bench, came back and led the knicks over the cavaliers. jeremy lin, first time he's gotten beaten up a little bit and came back. no slowing that guy down. >>> kobe bryant has a broken nose, wore a protective mask. 31 points, 7 rebounds, 8 assists. he's one of those guys everybody thinks oh, he can't play. that's when he really gets off. 104-85. >>> ucla hoops has been hit with a dagger by sports illustrated. this is just -- this stuff better be true because it's ruined ben howard. the store goes on there's widespread drinking, drug abuse among players. other issues, that the players are continually finding. one player urinating on another's clothes. they're talking back to the coach. >>> usa soccer has not bea
with the indiana folks there, peyton will be there. after 14 years, they're going to draft andrew luck ever stanford, no. 1. and peyton is free to go to another position, another franchise. he has had four neck surgeries in 19 months. but he's been working out, and supposedly looks pretty good. we'll wait and see. peyton manning and the colts officially part company tomorrow. >>> bounty gate. their team had a bounty system in place. and the video everybody keeps showing, the saints beating up on brett favre over and over again. and the way this works they're going to be hit with a major fine, no inclination now. but most people who follow this say it'll be the biggest fine in nfl history. >>> a legendary nfl name has been imcased. joe -- implicated, joe gibbs. one of those guys who just -- very supporter youual. and -- spiritual. and he would walk through the locker room waving $100 bills if they knocked the quarterback down. >>> randy moss wants to play, got a workout with new orleans. the saints from their thinking can hopefully divert a little attention away from the bounty business with
of five surviving a tornado in indiana in his mobile home. but is what them away ultimately killing all 5 including a 14 month old. he survived the said that he saw death at his door. >> i told the kid down. get down and i said they down flat and get enclosed. that's the only thing i remember saying and then i started crying. >>reporter: and mother in indiana successfully use her body to shield her two kids she ended up losing one leg above the knee in the other above the ankle. >> and her i was reaching around holding them and trying to keep everything away from them so i did not hit them. i had to stilbenes on my leg and i cannot move. i was up. >>reporter: and then in misery got something precious back. burn but a >> an engagement ring and put my wife in years ago i of the feeding and goodness until i got where was that. >>reporter: on lock fema has started damage accessment in the hard-hit town of west liberty. >> we will do everything we can to try to help these good folks rebuild their lives. >>justine: the national weather service says it is 42 tornadoes swept through the state
. it also hit states like indiana, kansas, kentucky, tennessee, and missouri. >> we stand ready to work with them with anything that they need to make sure that they're back up and operating. >>reporter: that will be thursday's theme throughout this region, getting back up in the midst of destruction and hoping that they do not see anything like this again. >> i hope and pray that it does not kill anyone else because let me tell you this is the worst experience to wake up to. >>justine: and other system is forecasted just like the one that went through the other day it is expected to pass through the midwest. we will fall this and bring you the very latest. >>james: we will take a quick break, so far so good, traffic is like in the roads are dry. did i mentioned earlier, we do have some light showers in napa and sonoma. we will let you know of that will triple down into the heart of the bay, we will be right [♪...] >> announcer: bank robbery certainly is a frightening crime. after all, bank robbers stole $43 million in one year. but identity thieves? try 37 billion! and guess how ide
and for continuing coverage of the presidential primary race. >> police in indiana stick by teenagers were injured after a shooting on st. patrick's day weekend. to the marlins in critical condition. police or already in the area and checking account a report of young people writing when they heard gunfire. the 14 year-old "lin-sanity" program were seriously injured >>henry: we are here with christine policy. she is an activist, organizer, dr. and attorney. she is our guest. faugh >>henry: welcome to campaign decamps. that is the book by christine pilosi, political -- full activist, organizer, attorney and daughter of the minority leader. thank you for joining us. first of all, the book is a way for a grass roots people to get involved in politics? >> absolutely. figures for having me. i have travelled the country with an ipad and my daughter doing a series of campaign boot camps. we were meeting people who were interested in channeling their emotions in to political actions. >>henry: for people, there who really did not like politics but really care about issues that wan
media they would lose their jobs if the talks said that he has heard that again in indiana and the fear that if they tell what it is like to work instead of a planned they will be fired. view it cnn was a part in a recent media group that was allowed to film there. this act it happened at my plan it is my mission to keep working here. one >>reporter: this is the story that they want the public to hear and not the real story. >> people are working there for the money we are now worried about health care when they are worried about today's bread, tomorrow's meal. will they are the ones cleaning up the world's worst nuclear disaster in 25 years. >>kimberlee: stay with us for continuing coverage of the one-year anniversary of the japan record. will be out there until this over. >>reporter: to cloudy skies over the course of oakland for tonight clearly have seen much cooler with mr. daly were in the '70s will will will remain cool for the next several days to. we have some when the light of what they're coming up for next week. >> partly cloudy skies and review with your.. have they mostly
struck 10 states on friday killing 40 people including 13 in indiana. >>darya: a massive brushfire is sending smoking in flames into the air over buckeye, arizona. 300 a. have been scorched. emergency crews have zero containment. it started as a controlled burn from a former that quickly grew out of control. >>mark: in hawaii, a man lost his home to lock up. it was consumed by law on saturday. he managed to escape with only a few of his belongings. he had lived there for over 30 years. he has watched every nearby home gets swallowed up by the law of. >>justine: right after the break i will show you video out of hawaii that shows massive flooding. that is coming up and about 10 minutes. >>mark: the california stories we are following, the state will have to cough up more than 700 million a year to repay the billions required to build the first phase of the high-speed rail train between l.a. and to the bay area. sfax the figures did not include the millions already been faked paid towards the 500 million in debt. >>darya: just bush explains with the city has in mind for sports teams
unhappiest of the lean and cooking is live this kundera mahal handwheel in height >>pam: in indiana school bus driver is keeping a cool head. >> catherine: this bus driver was able to get everything under control. this was on march 2nd. you can take a listen. >> are you guys okay? >> she is trying to calm the students after an f 4 >> i put my hands down and asked the lord what do i do? >> catherine: chute radioed the dispatcher. >> she-radioed when chaos was all rounder she made a quick decision. >> all are round her. anybody that needs to call their parents we are going to go back to the school. we will call your parents when we get back to the school. get on the ground and be quiet! put your hands on top of your head. >> catherine: they have 1.5 minutes to find coverage. >> there is the tornado! >> catherine: in a frantic state of mind she instructs the students. they have made it back but the tornado is closer. they make it run for it. everybody stayed together. one, 2, 3, 4. fight. sex. 7. 8. nine, go, go! >> catherine: moments later, the bus is lifting into the air. and is-456 -- now
in nebraska, illinois, indiana, kentucky and tennessee. call taxes on them have been searched for victims. cause high call >>grant: nowhere was slammed heart of hearts for, illinois. the mayors surveyed the devastation of alleging to recover and iran will. >> we will come back, we will rebuild and to do what we have to do. we're a very brazilian community. >>grant: people are also keeping one eye on the forecast, more strong storms are expected tomorrow and that could spawn more tornadoes. illinois, kansas, kentucky and tennessee are right in the storm's a bull's-eye. >>jaqueline: we saw rain today but the skies had cleared into the afternoon. we will see cold conditions overnight as the winds calmed down. the skies will be clear and we have cold air at that will roll through periods into tomorrow, sunny skies and reconditions. and we will talk more about these high temperatures into the warmer weather this week and give >>grant: an airplane bomb threat gives customers flying to the bay area quite a scare. the rain had not -- the plane had not yet taken off from denver when someone ca
know your background growing up in indiana. i didn't know-- >> i did not write that, gary. i did not write that. >> yeah, again, take for granted sometimes how great tar vandeveer is year in and year out, one more time saturday night the sweet 16 versus south carolina. >> tiger woods, the bay hill arnold palmer tournament enhanced by his first round and here is woods, had a little twist in his back earlier in the week, looked okay today, and sore achilles looked okay, he shot 69 and he's a six time winner of this event and three strokes back of jason dufner and charlie wii so tiger woods at least through 18 holes looking pretty good. i don't care how tired you are, its been a rough day, you want to feel good, jan wall will make you shiver. she's coming next. laces? really? slip-on's the way to go. more people do that, security would be like -- there's no charge for the bag. thanks. i know a quiet little place where we can get some work done. there's a three-prong plug. i have club passes. [ male announcer ] get the mileage card with special perks on united, like a free checked ba
. >> kentucky/indiana. kentucky is number one in the country. with more talent more than likely for of the first-round choices. gilchrist darius miller 35-2 is there now baylor there will face. the newest warrior shopping hoping to shake a injury. >> it is a push-polling both directions. we're hoping the best and if we are fortunate enough. on the to not want to go to the olympic games if it is the cost of my team. >>gary: maybe have them pro review, financially? {laughter} >>gary: the arnold palmer's tournament at tiger woods and shot a 65 yesterday. a code- liter at -10. i know people do not a co-lite the leader is shad by one other. and can boil, of the sharks, marlow of the sharks were on hand and dan boyle and the pedriatic unit trying to put choi in children's lives. >>isabel: 7:28. stormtracker 4 we will be seen all that for this weekend >>isabel: this desperate search continues. dahlin reports on the recent developments of zero lamar. >>reporter: the fbi and plainclothes investigators - of da lin. >> i was hoping that she was actually a runaway. and she would have possibly been returned
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